Dog Heaven Kennel
Who We Are
Dog Heaven Kennel is run by Gloria Wyse, who has loved and
raised English Springer Spaniels since 1976. Our dogs have
always been more than just pets - they are family. Her love for
this breed is the inspiration for starting Dog Heaven Kennel -
to bring these loving dogs into loving families.
Learn About English Springer Spaniels
The English Springer Spaniel has been endowed with style,
enthusiasm, and an "eager to please" quality common to
most spaniels. Cheerful and affectionate, Springers love
their families and like to stick close to their owners. They
make excellent house pets, but require daily exercise and
need regular brushing and trimming to keep their coats
neat and free of mats.
What's New at Dog Heaven Kennel
We have a new litter that was just born on August 22, 2013!
Visit our
Litters page for more information on our newest
Love to hunt and swim
Excellent bird dogs
Lovable and full of energy
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Puppy Love
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